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This page is dedicated to Antonio Sabato Jr, my favorite Calvin Klein model.
Antonio is also a fine actor, who has appeared in General Hospital and Melrose Place on television; and have appeared in the series Earth2 and the latest :The Big Hit with another ex Calvin Klein bad boy "Mark Wahlberg".




There were others before Antonio, and there will be others following his footstep, but undeniably, Antonio is still the most handsome, charismatic, exciting male creature that has ever put on anything that has a Calvin Klein label. Or any other label for that matter.
But there is more than just a pretty face that you see here.
He started out replacing Mark Wahlberg as the Calvin Klein underwear coverboy. His stunning physique has spread on billboards across Broadway Street in NY right in the heart of Times Square, which brought the sales of Calvin Klein underwears to a soar.
But though he is successful as a supermodel, his heart lies in acting. He starred on the daytime soap "General Hospital" for two years, then appeared on the short-lived Steven Spielberg's series Earth 2. During that time, he also did 6 guest appearances on the steamy night time soap "Melrose Place".
"The Big Hit" put him on the screen with ex bad boy of the Calvin Klein's family: Mark Wahlberg.His role as a dedicated mercenary opposite Mark was small but noteworthy.
Now Antonio had started his own production company called Namtab (Batman spelled backwards.Antonio is a big fan of Batman) and had written his own book on exercise and men's health.




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